​​Phoenix Combat Solutions


Our Mission

Our mission is to train Law Enforcement, Security, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Warriors and everyday men and women to protect themselves by any and all means necessary. Our goal is to train you in the latest tactics of awareness, mindset, and physical and emotional skill sets that you will need to not only survive a violent encounter, but thrive during and after a “violent encounter”.

In order to accomplish this, your mindset and perception of violence must be reframed. You will be given knowledge and training that will open your mind and may one day may save you or a loved one. From the ashes of what you thought you knew about violence and what it takes to protect yourself, will arise a reborn mindset and skill set. Become a Phoenix and refuse to be a victim.


​The Phoenix was a legendary bird that lived in Arabia where it fled to escape those who attempted to capture it. The Phoenix consumed itself by fire every 500 years and a new Phoenix would rise from its ashes. Early Christian tradition adopted the phoenix as a symbol of immortality and resurrection.

Due to the increase of asocial violence in our country, you or a loved one could become an unwilling participant in a violent encounter at any time. With aggravated assaults, rapes, murders, home invasion robberies, road rage incidents and other violent crimes on the rise in today’s society, what are we as individuals doing to prepare for the one thing that can take our lives or change it for the worse? 

What it means to us

The time to seek training isn't after you need it, it's before. The sad reality is, when the "bad thing" happens we don't rise to the occasion, we sink to our level of training.  Jason Reel

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Awareness and mindset should be the foundation of your personal protection plan. A warrior mindset and skill set is what you need to get through a violent encounter.

The only limitations we have are the one's we give ourselves.